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Meet The Team

The Deborah House Project-Staff-4126-L.jpg

Pastor Doriane Parker-Sims

Founder/Executive Director

Keysha M.

Keysha McClanahan

Deborah Project Director Muskegon

The Deborah House Project-Staff-0326-L.jpg

Marva Jones

Program Coordinator 

The Deborah House Project-Staff-0267-M.jpg

Jaleesa Williams 

Community Engagement Director 

The Deborah House Project-Staff-0300-L.jpg

Leah Elizabeth 

Financial Educator

The Deborah House Project-Staff-0293-L.jpg

Linda Mays

 Deborah Project Mentor

The Deborah House Project-Staff-0357-L.jpg

Janel Sanders 

Deborah Project Mentor

The Deborah House Project-Staff-0259-M.jpg

Janeen Weems

Health & Safety Officer

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